John has eleven years' experience rehabilitating athletes from a broad range of ages and levels, youth to professional. He has extensive experience rehabilitating injuries of all types, including traumatic, post-surgical, and overuse injuries. John utilizes a wide variety of treatment approaches, including:

  • Assessment and Evaluation - the cornerstone of any rehabilitation program is a thorough evaluation. A comprehensive evaluation is essential to develop a solid understanding of the dysfunction, and to determine the most appropriate treatment approach to maximize outcomes in an efficient manner. John is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) via the American Physical Therapy Association. No two injuries are the same - so the treatment of an individual's injury must be tailored just for them!!
  • Expert Manual Therapy - this is essential to obtain lasting correction of injury and dysfunction, and to get results in a timely manner. Manual therapy includes a broad spectrum of techniques, all with the goal of normalizing mobility, muscular tone, and skeletal balance. John is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) via Maitland Australian Physiotherapy - a rigorous program of over 130 hours of continuing education, followed by a two day examination process which tests knowledge base, clinical reasoning skills, and manual skills. John is proficient in joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, treatment of nerve dysfunction, and spinal manipulation.
  • Effective Soft Tissue Treatment - some form of soft tissue dysfunction is always a component of injury and dysfunction. Soft tissue treatment is also an essential component of injury prevention. John utilizes a variety of soft tissue approaches, including Graston instrument augmented soft tissue mobilization.
  • Corrective Exercise - treating the injury is half of the equation - addressing the dysfunction that led to the injury is the other. John has a strong background in the development of customized corrective exercise regimens to address the individuals' unique flexibility, mobility, and strength deficits. His background as a strength coach allows him to help you continue with your training while rehabilitating your injuries.
  • A Network of Professionals - if John cannot help you, he will help you find an appropriate professional to meet your needs. His experience has allowed him to develop a broad network of professionals, including physicians from many specialties, soft tissue technicians, athletic trainers, and other physical therapists.

Strength and Conditioning

John provides high quality strength and conditioning services, helping the athlete prepare for their competitive season, or to help the injured athlete return to full competition. He has developed his philosophies from his interactions with some of the leaders in the field, including Jeff Oliver (Director of Strength and Conditioning, College of the Holy Cross), Mike Boyle (Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Boston University Hockey), Brijesh Patel (Director of S+C, Quinnipiac College), Eric Cressey (Cressey Performance), and countless others. Programming includes:

  • Strength and Conditioning Programming - designed to increase strength, explosiveness, flexibility, speed, and most importantly injury resistance. This includes both in-season and off-season programming.
  • Nutritional Education - this is an essential component to a comprehensive strategy to stay healthy and compete at the highest levels. John provides the athlete with custom tailored dietary advice to help the athlete achieve their individual training goals.
  • Baseball Off-Season Preparation - John specializes in helping the baseball athlete prepare themselves for the rigors of a long competitive season. His background as both an expert physical therapist and a strength coach allows him to deliver high quality service, helping the pitcher address the injuries that come with the unique demands of the position, and to address the factors that may lead to future injury. During the off-season, John trains a small group of professional pitchers, providing them with individualized training programs and "prehabilitation"/rehabilitation, to address their specific needs.
  • Prehabilitation - John combines his extensive background in rehabilitation with his training in order to address the individual athletes' unique injury history. This includes tailoring the traiing to the athletes' needs, and providing manual therapy, soft tissue treatment, and corrective exercise.


In short, John has worked to develop a skill set that allows him to provide for every need an athlete may have -including pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, nutrition, and training.


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